Jacopo Giusti

Jacopo Giusti was born in Livorno, 20 May 1968. Fascinated from childhood by the percussion, began playing the drums regularly at age 16 and soon began studying with the master Renato Ughi. After a few years along with some local musicians and old friends form in 1989, Tulsa Road, a rock-blues band and recorded their first demo, with three original songs (Give me all tonight, The Body promises and girl) who gives him participation in the first review "Livorno Rock" in 1990 and thanks to which are winners with the opportunity to record their first 45 laps at the studio of brothers Cappanera and subsequent registration of another piece that will be part of the compilation of 10 finalists. Succession from 1990 to the beginning of 1995 many concerts in Tuscany, the most important of which are Politeama theater, the first Italian tour in support of Calvin Russell. In April 1995 he joined the progressive group Egoband and with whom he recorded in July of that year their third album titled "We Are," published in March 1996 and then ever this year with the same group, participates with the recording of a piece, a tribute to Van Der Graaf Generator. Jacopo
In 1998 he studied with Maestro Lorenzo Bartolini and take part in seminars of drums. In 1998 she began recording a new album Egoband titled "Earth" and that will be released next year.
In 1999 he started working with the historic theater company Scenica Frammenti of Lari (PI), (www.scenicaframmenti.com) where as a drummer and percussionist will accompany a live performance of Romeo & Juliet in satirical, in the years to come. In this same year he participated in the creation of a cover band Deep Purple (Purple Cake) in order to play live in a stable and lasting. From 2000 to 2003 Egoband change the style of music closer to a pop sung in Italian. Left the group in March 2004 to form a small ensemble that tribute to the music of his favorite artist, Frank Zappa. This is how the Fattore Zeta (www.fattorezeta.it) and after the initial concerts in June of 2006 they released their first Cd entitled "Rumori - a tribute to the music of Frank Zappa." He began the study of jazz with the maestro Riccardo Jenna. In 2008 he played in Germany at the famous festival dedicated to Zappa, the Zappanale, from which it derives a second disc that collects the German performance, titled "Dio Fa - Live at Zappanale 2008" published in January 2009.

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Also in 2008 he collaborated with guitarist Nicol Franza another project tribute to Zappa, and created the Electric Bongo Fury (www.myspace.com/electricbongofury) and giving birth to an album entitled "Revised Phase I Frank Zappa." He began studying piano with teacher Cesare Castagnoli at the music school of Vicarello Clara Shuman (LI). In June 2009, together with the important Fattore Zeta in Paris at the Theatre "Le Triton".
In May of 2010, began writing the first record of usual Jacopo Giusti, titled "To play only what I love" where there are original compositions alongside a few tributes to Max Roach, Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer and that will be published in July 2011. In the winter of 2011 with the composer Marco Masoni, participates in two recordings for as many taxes, one dedicated to Pink Floyd with the song "Paintbox" and the other to Lucio Battisti with the song "Donna Pennuta" to be published no later than 2011. In March 2011, collaborated with the director and actor Andrea Iacoponi (also a member of Fattore Zeta) for a theatrical performance as a musician where he performs as the opening of the show "The black page drum solo # 1", famous composition for drums of Frank Zappa.

New Album

New Album: Play Only What I Love

It's out after a year of working the debut album by Jacopo Giusti titled "Play Only What I Love", where ideas and pieces are condensed with the generous collaboration and production of Franza Nicol took the form of a hard life. Eleven tracks including 6 originals and 5 covers, spanning several genres from progressive jazz, from rock to ethnic. An attempt to induce the listener to a real contact with music. Available for purchase on my website.

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